My first visit…..First impressions

Arriving from Lugano in July 2013, I was not expecting to be hugely impressed with Lake Como. Isn’t it a bit over-rated, over-commercialized, I wondered? However, I wanted to see it with my own eyes and make my own mind up. Being driven though the tunnel towards Menaggio, my mother and I were chatting away and smirking at each other because we had the most amazing-looking chauffeur for the trip. I guess it was our lucky day. Before we knew it we were on the Via Provinciale Regina heading south to the Grand Hotel, Tremezzo. We caught glimpses of the mountains, the lake, the ferries, and finally our hotel. Well, more about the Grand Hotel Tremezzo another time……..what I want to tell you about is the image below. This was the view from our room when we opened the french doors. This is the view we woke up to every morning. It really is astonishingly beautiful…….and that was just the start of it all. First impressions count for so much and in this case they were spot on.

The breathtaking view from our room at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

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