December at the lake – simply too tempting

December 2nd is the UAE National Day and it usually falls perfectly so that you can add on two or three days to the two day break for the celebrations, and take a full week off. Such an opportunity could not be wasted and although it had only been six weeks since I had returned from Lake Como, I jumped at the chance to experience December at the lake.

OK, I know I am spoiled but I was a little put out when I first discovered that the Grand Hotel Tremezzo closes for the Winter. How could they do this to me?! I asked my friendly contacts at HPS and they suggested the Grand Hotel Victoria as a nice option with a great location in Menaggio. I promptly went online and made my booking.

The Grand Hotel Victoria, it has to be said, is not quite as grand as its neighbour in Tremezzo. However, the location and the surroundings are very beautiful and the welcome was amongst the warmest I have ever experienced. We were so few guests in early December that the first floor was the only one open. The upper floors were closed for the season and at times I felt like it was exclusively my own personal palace. A few times I sat completely alone in the dining room and ate breakfast or dinner; and by the way, the dinners were delicious! The staff were delightful and the service very personal yet highly professional. Yes, my room was simple, but it was clean, warm, spacious and the view was spectacular. And all this just a short and beautiful walk to the heart of Menaggio. Oh yes, and there was free parking within the grounds. A real treat these days!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow to tell you more about December at the lake and to show you more photos. It is just so incredibly stunning!


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