December at the lake – a hat is a good investment

Having come from Abu Dhabi I was ill-prepared for the chilly mornings and evenings. I did think to bring gloves with me but actually, I didn’t even own a warm hat. Being brave, and desperate to get out into the gloriously sunny Sunday morning, I ventured forth impatient to see Menaggio in the bright Winter sunlight.

I walked along the promenade and was enchanted by the birds. There were still very few people around; all the better for me to slowly take in my surroundings. However brave I was pretending to be I just couldn’t take the cold much longer, so I headed towards the shopping streets to see if any of the stores had opened yet. No luck……it must have still been quite early. Perhaps they wouldn’t even open on a Sunday at this time of year. As I walked up Via IV Novembre towards Holiday Property Solutions the old style haberdashers (is that still a word?) on the left-hand side of the street was opening. And guess what? They had a selection of woollen hats that were very suitable for my needs. I was saved! My goodness, it was great to feel my ears again!

Now I was better prepared for a day out at the lake I decided to go down to the ferry and check on the Winter, Sunday ferry times. I fancied a trip to Bellagio; a nice cup of coffee in the sunshine and some people watching. More about that tomorrow.


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