Lazy Sunday at the lake? a ferry trip is just the ticket

Blue skies, deep blue water, snow on the mountain tops and lots of fresh air. Nowhere to be and nothing I had to do…….a lazy Sunday. So what better way to spend it than taking a ferry ride to Bellagio?

From Menaggio you can see Bellagio in the distance; like a scene from a fairy tale. I felt the pull and could not resist the temptation to buy a ticket and hop on the ferry. It probably takes 15 or 20 minutes to get across the lake but it is always too short; over in a flash. The time is spent gazing at the 360 degree beauty of the lake, the mountains, the buildings, picking out landmarks you recognize, watching other boats, and the ever-changing view as you near the port of call. It is always exciting and you feel the anticipation in your stomach as the ferry comes in to dock.

I strode off the ferry hoping to look like I was perfectly accustomed to hopping on and off the Lake Como ferries. I must admit, I felt a lot less like a tourist on that December morning. I was already starting to feel very much at home. I wandered along to my “usual” cafe and ordered coffee, settling in for half an hour or so of people watching. The feeling of the sun on my face, the warmth of the coffee and observing the comings and goings was very relaxing. I really had that “Sunday” feeling.

I went for a walk around and looked in a few shops that were open. I managed to get a couple of great handbags that were discounted so as to make room for next season’s new designs. I was delighted, a couple of Christmas presents taken care of! You will love the shops in Bellagio; there are some real treasures. After that I was so cold that I have to admit I took refuge in a church. It was the lovely San Giacomo Church in the Piazza dela Chiesa, built between 1075 and 1125.I found I was early for midday mass, so I sat and took in the beauty of the building while I warmed up a bit. After a while I slipped out and continued wandering through the alleys back to the ferry. I was looking forward to the trip back almost as much as I was looking forward to the warmth of the Grand Hotel Victoria. I made a mental note to wear an additional layer of clothes the next day, and maybe a scarf as well. After all, it was December!


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