Groundbreaking news in Plesio – October 17, 2013

As I got out of bed on October 17, 2013 I had little idea of the fun that was in store for me that day. I was enchanted by the view from my room as the sun rose over the mountains. Then as I ate breakfast on the terrace (I remember I was wearing my sunglasses) I drank in the view as the sun danced on the lake. I felt warm and happy…..and very spoiled!

At 10am I was picked up by Giuliano from Holiday Property Solutions and taken to the office where we were joined by Harold the proprietor, and Daniela and her brother Davide who represented Triaca the developers of the apartment block I was so taken with. OK, so I had only seen the drawings but I just knew, all my instincts told me, that this was the right choice. The first time I met them all they had my complete trust.

We took care of the paperwork. Basically, Harold went through the agreement with me in English and that was it. We went off to see the site as they were breaking ground. As we drove up the winding road from Menaggio to Plesio (no more than 5 minutes) I felt such excitement that I can hardly explain it. When we arrived we saw the diggers were in action. That view! Now there was really no going back. I was completely sold!


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