“The best is yet to come….and babe, won’t it be fine?”

“You thought you’d seen the sun but you ain’t seen it shine”, sang Frank Sinatra in my head as I explored the site where ‘Casa Laura’, my little piece of heaven, would be built.

I mentioned yesterday that I had had no idea how much fun was in store for me when I got out of bed on October 17, 2013 at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. I simply opened the French windows, looked out across the lake and had a feeling the day would be extra special. Surely, seeing the site of my new apartment and completing all the paperwork was exciting enough? Well, that’s not the way they do things at Lake Como. They like to really push the boat out!

It seems that at some point during the signing of the paperwork someone noticed from my passport that I had a birthday in four days’ time. So, in addition to the obvious rationale for marking the day there was yet another reason to celebrate. Harold from HPS promptly took the helm and discretely arranged lunch at a beautiful waterfront restaurant in Varenna. He then led us to the marina at the Grand Hotel Menaggio where he keeps a boat which is owned with a business partner; another remarkable  amenity available to clients of HPS. I honestly had no idea what was going on as we walked towards the hotel. My head was still buzzing with the events of the morning and the dreams I had for my little piece of heaven. As the boat was prepared and we boarded, bathed in the warm sunshine, I felt so excited and so very privileged.

Harold took us on a breathtaking tour of the central lake. Of course, Daniela and Davide (from Triaca) and Giuliano (from HPS) are all natives of the lake and I thought they would take it very much for granted. But it seems that you don’t get used to these surroundings and become desensitized to the point where you are blazé about it. I watched their faces and they were almost as in awe as I was. Isn’t that wonderful?

Once in Varenna, where everything was ready and waiting for us at the restaurant, we ate a delicious lunch literally at the waters’ edge. It was so very enjoyable and it was so kind of Davide and Daniela to treat us. Then we resumed the tour of the central lake and saw some celebrity homes plus a couple of the amazing historical villas that I would later visit.

When we returned to Menaggio and I was dropped back at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo , I was surprisingly emotional. I went into the T Spa,  just sat down on one of the loungers and drank a cup of tea. I was literally dizzy! I met a lovely lady called Linda who was visiting from the USA and she seemed to sense that I was a bit dazed. I told her about my day and assured her that I was far from upset, just incredibly excited. And who can blame me?

That evening I decided to have dinner in my room. Well, talk about a perfect end to a perfect day! I was almost overwhelmed when there was a knock at my door and the table was wheeled in. The whole effect; the food, wine and frankly the presentation, was breathtaking. I will remember that day from start to finish for as long as I live. I don’t expect anything to ever surpass the delight, wonder, exhilaration and joy that I felt on October 17, 2013, from beginning to end.


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