Just eight months later – my next site visit

My next site visit was eight months later in early August 2014 and I was astonished to see the progress that had been made. I know Triaca had told me that the construction project would be completed within a year, but I guess seeing is believing. Certainly they were on, if not ahead, of schedule.

It had been a bit showery that morning, and truly, the lake was not at its most stunning. A few puddles here and there and a few threatening clouds in the sky. However, that did not spoil the joy of actually seeing the apartment block materialize.

It was possible to visualize how the end product would look and all the main characteristics were already in place. Our apartment is on two floors, including the upper floor where there is a suite in the roof with direct access to the sun terrace where the infinity pool would eventually be.

As with the first visits to the site, it was the view that captivated me. I also loved the use of timber which gave it a solid, rustic look. All the layers were in evidence and it was clear that the insulation and energy-saving aspects of the plans were a strong feature of this construction project.

So, delighted and full of ideas, my mother and I went off to have lunch. The next time we would see the apartment it would surely be completely finished. The dream was gradually becoming reality.


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