Frequent updates from Menaggio kept up the momentum

It is impossible to describe the support and care that the team at Holiday Property Solutions (HPS) invests in their clients. Their periodic follow-up emails, and site visits to take photos and send them on, make the whole experience feel like one of true partnership. I felt that we were all involved in the project and that they were as excited as I was. I probably wasn’t wrong.

These photos were received in January 2014, just six weeks after I had last visited. And what progress had been made! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the windows in place and the fresh white walls, all highlighted by the bright Winter sunshine. The bathroom fittings had been installed and the tiling done. I could really imagine the finished product!

The finishing looked great. I was excited to see the blinds between the panes of glass in all the windows and also to learn that these could be operated electronically. I was dying to try out this new technology. The next step was to choose the kitchen. In Italy, like in many countries, a new build does not include a fitted kitchen. That is up to the new owners to decide upon. Each to their own taste. Once again, the guys at HPS (in this case Bryan) were on hand to help with the design, product choices, selection, and to arrange for the work to be carried out.


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