June 2015 – Almost there! Just a few loose ends to tie up

In early June I returned to Lake Como to tie up a few loose ends and start the next stage of the project. Living in the UAE I found it difficult, actually impossible, to provide a Power of Attorney to HPS in order for them to complete the purchase documents for me. Pressures of work had dictated that I wait until a small window of opportunity opened and I could fly off to Milan and take that, now very familiar, drive to Menaggio.

Finally, just two days after I had moved house in Abu Dhabi, I flew off to focus my attention on what needed to be done “up at the lake”. To cut a long story short, all went well and I was handed the keys. The community of HPS, Triaca and the bank Intesa Sanpaolo, were so supportive, and an official translator was employed to ensure I knew all the details of the contracts and deeds. It was a very pleasant experience, but really quite a serious and highly professional occasion. We then went back to the HPS office and they broke out the prosecco.

The next morning we made an early start and went up to the apartment; keys in hand. It was a wonderful feeling and I was so excited to see how the choices of flooring, bathroom fittings and tiles looked in real life. I had picked them out from online brochures and I was not confident that I had made the right choices until I saw them in situ. Not bad at all!

I took a few photos and then we went back to the HPS office to start the second part of the project. I needed to choose furnishings and lighting. Bryan went through the items we would need to choose and we went online and selected things that suited my taste, as well as would be appreciated by potential renters for the weeks I wanted to offer the apartment to visitors to the lake. He then ensured that the items would fit nicely into the space available. All I needed to do now was get back to work and earn the money to buy them.


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