I am British-We have to talk about the weather

I was born and raised in the south of England. So I know that weather is a factor when choosing a holiday destination. I know that getting a tan is a recognized indication that you had a great holiday. Although, or maybe because I have lived in the UAE since 1992, I rarely sport a tan. Perhaps because it is simply too hot to go out in the sun for half the year (around 50 degrees Celsius in Summer). Weather is something that changes gradually here in the UAE; either it is hot, or hotter, or a little less hot. Therefore, the experience of mist, sunshine, clouds, showers, wind, i.e. actual weather is something of a fascination for me. I find it exhilarating!

So, my Lake Como experiences that I have related to you on my blog pages are enhanced, rather than ruined, by changes in the weather. Lake Como benefits from a micro-climate, i.e. a Mediterranean style climate with plenty of sunshine and warm, comfortable temperatures. Year round sunshine, no matter what the actual temperature, makes every visit in every season, pleasant. The rainfall, as luck would have it, is often during the night, and they have the most beautiful thunderstorms which add even more drama to the landscape. As a result, the air is clean and fresh and you can see a variety of plant life from a range of geographical locations and climates. Imagine, palm trees growing with alpine fir trees!

My advice is to pack light clothes that can be layered for Spring and Autumn; for Winter just add a jacket, sweater, hat and gloves, and normal Mediterranean-weight Summer clothes from June to September. Plus, always bring comfortable shoes and a good pair of sunglasses.


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