The Cantina Follie Wine Bar & Shop in Tremezzo – Show up hungry!

The Cantina Follie is a Wine Bar & Shop hidden in the backstreet alleys of Tremezzo. Make sure you find it though. And make sure you show up hungry!

In Tremezzo there are a number of nice cafes and restaurants, all serving average to good food. The main attraction is the lakeside scenery and they really don’t have to try too hard to attract trade. However, Cantina Follie is a real gem just a few steps away and you really should not miss it when visiting Tremezzo.

If you venture a little further and tackle the steps of Via Brentano between the cafes under the Portico (with Bar Red & White on your left) you will quickly reach Via Volta Alessandro. You can only turn left or right at that point; turn right and cross the street and you will have arrived at the Cantina Follie. Prepare yourself for a treat!

I went there on a cold, dark, damp Autumn evening and was rapidly comforted by the fascinating interior of this old house cellar. The atmosphere in this small bar is relaxed and welcoming. The proprietors are Joost (from Holland) and Deborah (from Italy) and they are known for their excellent wine cellar which boasts more than 350 varieties, as well as their outstanding knowledge of their stock.

Wines are served with snacks, but you should sample their platters. The menu offers a range of platters but the “Tagliere dell’amiciza”, or the friendship plate, is a great way to sample all the regional treats, cheese as well as cold cuts, at one time.

During the Summer guests can sit on the terrace which has a 70 year old vine of the ‘Fragola’ variety growing over it. Guests are invited to sample the delicious grapes as they ripen. However, when there is a chill in the air, the inside of this “cellar” feels very much like a haven. Enjoy!

Contact details for Cantina Follie:

Via Volta Alessandro 14/16, 22019 Tremezzo

Tel: +39 344 42311


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