How about a nice walk? The views will also take your breath away!

If you are planning to travel to Lake Como and you like a nice walk, I suggest you plan to visit the Belvedere La Crocetta which sits on a hilltop above Menaggio. The walk only takes around 40 minutes one-way from the village of Croce, and the ascent is approximately 100 metres; so not a difficult climb. However, make sure you have good, comfortable shoes on and hats, sunscreen, water, etc., with you.

The walk starts at the village Croce which is the highest of all the villages in the Menaggio municipality. Croce has a traditional square or marketplace dating back to the 1700s. The altitude up there is around 400 metres.

Croce can be reached either by car, the C12 bus from Menaggio, or on foot (2km uphill). If you take the bus to Croce, the bus stop is just outside the Hotel Adler. From there, look out for Via Remembranze and the signpost for ‘Menaggio Golf Course’ or ‘Cadenabbia Golf Club’. Continue in that direction until you see a turning on the left called ‘Via Pigato’ or ‘Via per la Crocetta’, just past an ancient washhouse. This road will become a pathway leading to ‘La Crocetta’. Just before you reach ‘La Crocetta’, you will come across the small chapel dedicated to the ‘Alpini’. From this vantage point and from ‘La Crocetta’ you can see amazing views of the Central Lake area and Menaggio. So, make sure you remember to take a camera with you.

There is a great deal of history in this area and en route you can see trenches, ‘Linea Cadorna’, that were dug along the Swiss-Italian border in approximately 1915 to defend against a possible German invasion. ‘La Crocetta’ was part of the front lines in the First World War and is therefore of great interest to many people. Some of the trenches have been restored and can be visited.

By the way, in case you are wondering, ‘La Crocetta’ means little cross.



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