Do you ever want to get away from it all?

I am currently re-reading a book by Erica James entitled ‘Summer at the Lake’. Life has been so busy lately and I wanted to escape into a book that would take me off to Lake Como every night before I fall asleep. You see, Erica James is also very fond of Lake Como and apparently divides her time between her home in Oxford and her home at the lake. With her insight into the area she describes the lake in a way that brings it to life and, for me at least, provides an instant visualization and feeling of actually being there. This is the tonic I need! I am not able to physically make the trip to Lake Como at the moment, but every night I go there in ‘Summer at the Lake’.

When you want to get away from it all and you have the time and resources to travel, I can highly recommend a visit to the Lake Como. Perhaps avoiding July and August would be good advice. During the peak Summer months, always popular with families, you probably wouldn’t get the peace and quiet you deserve. However, for the other ten months of the year you can find relaxing oases of calm just a few steps from the centre of each town or village. Take a book and find a bench surrounded by beautiful gardens. Sit at the waters’ edge and just listen to the lapping of the water. Walk into the mountains and survey God’s glorious creations. For me these are forms of meditation that can replenish your spirit, feed your soul and energize you to face the rest of the world with positivity and strength.

Pamper yourself with a spa day, have dinner served in your room, walk and breathe in the clear, fresh air, explore delightful gardens or museums, take a ferry ride up and down the lake and enjoy “going with the flow” as the boat moves beneath you. These are all things that I love to do when I simply want to get away from it all. Taking a trip on your own is an amazing experience. So don’t be afraid to give it a try if you have never dared to before.

And if you cannot get away – get a good book!


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