Dreaming about a day at the beach – The T-Beach at Tremezzo, of course

When you consider all the travelling, exploring, eating, drinking, walking and shopping that is normally done during a week at the Lake, it makes perfect sense that you should also make time for (at least) one day at the beach. And why not combine a day at the T-Beach with a few T Spa treatments to make you feel super refreshed?

I was just dreaming up my itinerary for my next visit to Lake Como and this is what came to mind. Even in Abu Dhabi, where I live, it is quite chilly at the moment. Chilly weather seems to make everyone think of planning a vacation and escaping from the day to day aspects of life. So for me, I drifted off into dreamland where the Grand Hotel Tremezzo takes care of my every comfort and need. My master plan includes visits to nearby towns and villages, plenty of boat trips, a little shopping and plenty of visits to restaurants and cafes. However, back at my beloved base I know I will feast on an astounding breakfast every morning to get each day off to a great start. (The Grand Hotel Tremezzo breakfast buffet really has to be seen to be believed.)

So, with all the activities that I am planning, I have set aside a beach day. I will saunter down to the beach after breakfast, claim a sun lounger (or maybe even a bean bag at the edge of the floating pool) and chill out all day long. Lunch can be a gourmet experience at the T Beach – perhaps even served to my sun lounger if I prefer. And then when I cannot stand it any longer I will stroll over to the T Spa and have a massage or a facial or something similar. Or perhaps I will just sit in the solarium and drink tea, or luxuriate in the amazing indoor pool, or hit the Jacuzzi. Who knows? Anyway, a day of complete relaxation is on the cards. Done!


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