Colours of the lake: Do you see what I see?

I was trying to think of the most inspirational facets of Lake Como and answer the question a friend posed to me – “Why do you love the lake so much – what’s so special about it?” This really focussed my attention, and naturally, the landscape, the villages, the food, the range of activities available, all came to mind. However, when I really started digging in to my thoughts and memories, I realized that much of the magic for me is in the colours, the light and the changing moods. I never feel bored with my surroundings as there is always something new to observe; from one hour to the next!

This train of thought raised a question in  my own mind, “Do you see what I see?”. I have read that males and females see colours differently; well, at least see shades of colour differently. What I describe as lilac may be blue to another, for example. Take a look at the images below which have been captured in different seasons. I hope you can see the difference. These were taken in early June, mid October and early December. Guess which ones belong in each category.


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