A Relaxing Day in Como City

The Piazza Cavour is the main square of Como and can seem quite busy if you have come from a town where the pace is much slower. However, it is a great starting point from which to explore the streets and squares of Como.

In Como, market day is every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and every Saturday all day. Head for the rather imposing 40 metre tall Porta Torre at Piazza Vittoria (in the larger of the pictures above) and you will find the market stalls.

By the way, the “Citta Murata”, the 12th century fortification which used to define the medieval town of Como and of which Porta Torre is part, is still in evidence in many places. Wander the cobbled streets and you will see an amazing variety of medieval buildings as you soak up the atmosphere of the history blended with an impressive offering of cafes and restaurants, and the full spectrum of shops to suit all budgets.

Don’t forget to visit Piazza Fedele as seen in most of the images above. It is a small square where you can sit and enjoy the cafes and restaurants while you admire the ancient buildings around you which include the Basilica of San Fedele. The Piazza del Duomo is a somewhat larger area where you will, obviously, find the Duomo – Cathedral of Como. Again, this part of Como is blessed with an excellent array of restaurants and cafes, as well as some attractive shops. On that subject, the shirts and silk ties available in Como should be on everyone’s shopping list.

No visit to Como is complete without riding the funicular railway Como-Brunate to take in the panoramic view from the top. In addition, although I have never managed to get around to it, there are some acclaimed art galleries to visit as well as museums to suit many interests. There are also fine dining options which we will explore another day.


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