It’s difficult to put my finger on the exact date that it happened but my moment of enlightenment hit one glorious August afternoon in 2013 while luxuriating in the sights, sounds, aromas and flavours of Menaggio,feeling the warm sun and soft breeze on my skin. I can still relive the moment if I close my eyes and picture the scene. Mum and I were sitting in the square having our, now customary, afternoon gelato and coffee. We were watching the people come and go, and the ferries drifting in and out of the nearby terminal. You cannot help but be captivated by the landscape; the mountains and the lake complement one another perfectly as I am sure their maker intended. The colours of the buildings and nature, likewise blend sympathetically and beautifully. Everything simply works!

That was the moment when the penny dropped and I discovered that this was my little piece of heaven on earth – a place where all the things I love about life just fit seamlessly together. At that moment I knew I would return to Lake Como. I knew it would become a part of my life.

I already felt as familiar and comfortable with Menaggio as I would with an old friend. The piazza, the shopping street (pictured below), the cobbled streets, the lake promenade, all were part of a normal day for us now. The staff at Café del Pess already knew our order by now, and welcomed us  warmly on each visit. Walking up Via IV Novembre towards the ferry terminal I found myself furtively glancing in the direction of the “Immobiliare”Holiday Property Solutions (HPS) to see what they had on show in their window. All their properties looked tempting, but in my frame of mind I would have rushed into something way too frivolous. I needed to distance myself and get back to reality first.Menaggio shops


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