Misty, March Mornings at the Lake

Waking up at lake Como in March is like waking up mid-dream, yet the images stay with you – constantly changing, inspiring your imagination.

As you look out at the lake and the mountains beyond, your mind allows you to imagine surreal shapes and even faces in the mist as you gaze out mindlessly drinking that first cup of coffee.

Then suddenly you see a peak emerge, then a village, then a boat. One by one, the mountains emerge and the towns and villages appear and become clearer and clearer. The sun shines on the lake’s surface and it looks like millions of diamonds sparkling with just the right amount

of mist to keep from blinding you.

The veil of mist stays with you for several hours as you gently wake up to the new day. Just relax and take in the activities on the lake; the comings and goings of the ferries, the various church bells tolling as each half hour passes, the distant engine of a small boat puttering around the headland. Bliss!


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