A lovely afternoon out in Locarno

Lugano is always a lovely place to visit but we wanted to try something different that afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday – March 13. Spring was in the air!

The drive from Menaggio to Lugano takes less than an hour on the via Cantonale (via SS340) and then you head north on the autostrada A2/E35 for about twenty minutes before turning off for Locarno near Rivera. It is a lovely drive to the lowest point in Switzerland (or so I am told) and the final leg of the journey is quite dramatic with a long and winding road all the way down the mountain.

Once in Locarno we found it simple yet enchanting. There is a huge piazza with cafes and shops and you immediately get the feeling of space. The people are friendly and welcoming and we noticed a lot more German-speaking people around.

The flowers were a sight to behold. What a great job they do in Locarno! So we had coffee, gelato, a nice walk admiring the spectacular scenery, and then drove back up that long winding mountain road to the autostrada. Before we knew it we were in Lugano and then back on the road to Menaggio. This trip is a comfortable afternoon out. It was very relaxing and I m so pleased we went. Enjoy the pictures below….maybe they will tempt you.


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