A chilly morning visit to Belaggio

A ferry ride is always a good idea. It blows away the cobwebs and leaves you with your own thoughts. Even on a chilly, grey morning in March it does the soul good. Hats, scarves and gloves to protect from the cold and comfortable shoes to cope with the cobbled streets and stairways of Bellagio, I was ready for a little outing.

I had watched the weather coming in while eating breakfast at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and refused to be beaten by a little damp and cold. Having travelled from the United Arab Emirates the day before, where the temperature had been 28 degrees Celcius, this was a bit of a shock to the system. However, the trade-off in the form of fresh air and a stunningly beautiful landscape, more than made up for having to wear almost every article of clothing I had brought with me.

The boat trip from Menaggio was blissful. (The Tremezzina and Villa Carlotta Pontilles were still closed for the Winter.) Only three other passengers and one car were on the ferry and the upstairs galleries were heated….Oh joy!

The cafes and restaurants under the portico were busier than they looked since most customers were sitting inside. It is quite rare to be able to secure an outside table with such ease. However, half way through my coffee, I realised it was time to submit and go inside for a warm.

Eventually, the sun managed to burn through the mist and clouds and the entire lake shone. When buying a hat for my companion in a little haberdashery at the tope of the steps, the old lady and gentleman explained that it would snow the following day. They even brought out the newspaper and showed us the weather forecast on the map as proof. It certainly felt cold enough to snow, but the weather in Lake Como changes in a flash


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