Argegno – a great coffee stop and so much more

If you ever get stuck behind traffic on the Via Regina, take a coffee break. There are only two lanes, in places the road is even narrower, and it can be stressful if you are behind a big truck, coach or bus. So, my tip is…….just stop! Take at least half an hour off and by the time you get back behind the wheel again, you will have changed your mood, and the traffic may be flowing more smoothly. It worked for me!

Argegno is perfectly located for a little time out with an array of cafes and restaurants to tempt you. The heart of Argegno is a triangular-shaped piazza surrounded by cafes and restaurants. It may be slightly hidden from the main road by the parked cars, but look and you will find it, with its colourful buildings and fountain. Sit back and observe; you will see more locals than tourists and you will notice the atmosphere is quite different to the more well-known towns in the area. Experience the difference!

Across the street, beside the lake, there is a well-hidden car park alongside the river. It is also the location of the Monday morning market. But the real find is the small café on the waterfront. Check out the view!

If you are not pressed for time, why not stay for lunch? Or roam around and marvel at the Gothic architecture of the Church of the Holy Trinity, take the Pigra cable car to the top of the mountain, wander the cobbled alleyways and look at the picturesque old buildings, or even have a haircut as my companion did?



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