Sure signs of Spring

Arriving from the United Arab Emirates I was just as smitten by the signs of Spring as if I had flown down from the north of Sweden. There really is nothing quite like it!

Many years ago when I lived in Sweden I used to dream of the first wood anemones; first the white ones, then the blue ones, appearing through a delicate space where the snow was melting. “Vitsippor” and “Blåsippor” (Anemone nemorosa) were always that first sign of Spring and a clean slate, fresh start, call it what you will. In a similar way, coming from a desert country where plants and flowers struggle to survive, we are always appreciative of the ones who actually make it….against all odds. However, March at Lake Como, and indeed, Lakes Lugano and Locarno, offered an embarrassment of riches. The trees were in full blossom, the daffodils were in bloom, the pansies were smiling up at us, even the humble daisies opened up once the morning sun warmed up.

One day I will spend May at Lake Como and really take advantage of the colours and treasures that nature has to offer. I hear the azaleas are truly amazing. But it’s always good to leave wanting more and having a reason to return; something to look forward to.



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