In Search of the Best Pizza on the Lake

IMG_1655You know, almost everyone loves pizza. It’s one of those crowd-pleasers that can be served up on just about any occasion and make people’s faces light up. However, we can all be a bit picky about how we like our pizza. Some like it crispy, some like a more doughy consistency to the base. The topping is a very personal choice too – so many possibilities!You cannot please everyone all the time, but we decided to sample as many pizzas as possible in the Golden Triangle, just to satisfy our curiosity (plus tummies and taste buds). The ferry took us to all shores and we enjoyed pizza baked on wood burning stoves from all the main ports of call. Eventually, we had to go back and check (twice) the place we had decided stood out as serving the one that most closely matched our idea of a world-class pizza. While I have been a regular customer of Helvetia for several years, I didn’t quite realize until now, just how good they are. I guess I took them for granted!

As mentioned before, everyone has different requirements……..but as far as we are concerned, the best pizza on the Lake is served at Helvetia Ristobar and Gelateria in Tremezzo. To be honest, it is not just the food that is good at Helvetia; it is the service as well. The business has been family owned and run for many years but they have now revealed their secret weapon – Ricky! Ricky is a young man who instinctively seems to know how to relate to customers. He is polite, reserved yet attentive, and always has a ready smile. Make way for the new generation! He has brought a fresh, new energy to Helvetia which will certainly please the tourists this season…….especially the young ladies.

Having praised the pizza it would be remiss not to mention other dishes sampled at Helvetia, including a variety of pasta dishes and some quite creatively presented deserts; all were delicious and great value for money. Our compliments to the chef! And the house wine, even considering I am just an occasional drinker (i.e. no expert), was an excellent complement to the food. I wish the business good luck for 2016 and beyond.

By the way, there is free wifi at Helvetia in case you get tired of the amazing view.

You will find Helvetia under the portico in Tremezzo. There is seating inside, under the portico, and outside in the sunshine. I have not found a website for them but the telephone number is 0344-40409 and the address Via Portici Sampietro, 16, Tremezzo.

My only slight regret is that I did not capture our food in a series of photographs to show you. However, I secretly laugh at people who get their Smart phones out and snap their food before eating it, so it would go against the grain for me. Sorry! (The obvious exception being my Gucci tiramisu, of course!!)




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