Menaggio – the perfect holiday location

The small town of Menaggio welcomes all kinds of visitors; long and short-stay holidaymakers, day-trippers, hikers, bikers, cyclists, golfers, sailing enthusiasts, horticulturalists, gourmets, you name it. Everyone is catered for. The wide range of choices of lodging, restaurants and cafes, and the range of activities in the area ensures there is something for just about everyone.

One of the most appealing aspects of Menaggio is the fact that it is so compact. You can walk around freely enjoying the atmosphere, fresh air and sunshine (usually) without a care in the world. Although you can bring a car, most people choose not to as the public transport system is so good – efficient, clean and comprehensive. The ferries and busses make your holiday a breeze. And walking around town will keep you fit after all those tempting pasta meals and the heavenly gelato.

Another real advantage to Menaggio is its geographic location. I mentioned the ferries and busses, but it is surprising to know that you can take the bus or ferry all the way to Como City for a super day out. Or you can head down to Como and then take the train into Milan; a great way to visit Milan with as little stress as possible. It is also possible to take the ferry across to Varenna and take the train from there. However, I love the lake so much that I take every opportunity to “cruise”.

In addition, you can take the bus to Lugano in Switzerland for a delightful day out. It is much more relaxing than driving yourself. The trip takes less than an hour and costs 1 Euro. This is to be recommended, especially if you are not an experienced driver. Not that the road to Lugano is that challenging, but it is not exactly a highway and passes through a number of small towns and villages. Let someone else worry about getting you there and back safely.


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