Watching the world go by – early morning at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Ah, the simple pleasures in life! I am not really what you would  call a “curtain twitcher”. Or maybe spending time in Italy some of the Italian momma characteristics have rubbed off on me? However, I can spend hours watching the world go by at Lake Como. Even the smallest detail is of interest to me. Maybe it is because I slow down, have nothing pressing, and I can enjoy the simple pleasures in life more than usual.

Waking up at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and looking out over the lake is a fabulous treat whichever way you look at it. What is extra special though is when you have arrived from a different time zone and, for a few days, wake up even before the sun. Those first couple of hours it feels like the world itself is waking, stretching, freshening up and getting ready for a new day. At first the street lights are on, the lights on buildings, car headlights, boats are lit; then gradually daylight makes all that superfluous and someone, somewhere turns off the switch.

The very best part is that you feel you are the only person around. There are probably many people who get up at the crack of dawn but sitting there alone on the little balcony,   experiencing that moment in time, you feel like the only person on the Lake.

The clouds move constantly; mountains appearing and disappearing in the space of a minute. Then you notice the rays of sun shining from behind the mountains getting stronger and stronger until the ball of sun itself pops up from behind a peak. The mist burns off slowly and more villages and towns appear, more boats, even more mountains, until you have the full, glorious picture in front of your very eyes.

Just when you think your mind and your spirituality can take no more, you realize that it’s time for breakfast. At the Grand Hotel Tremezzo breakfast means, apart from being thoroughly spoiled by a vast breakfast buffet, at least half an hour of gazing out at the lake and mountains, and directly across to beautiful Belaggio. It’s the best view on the lake!

So, watching the world go by could easily become a full time occupation at Lake Como. There is always something to see……and it changes by the minute.


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