How to maximize your pleasure whatever the weather

As you may know, the weather at Lake Como is not always as perfect as the pictures and advertisements in magazines would lead you to believe. To be honest, keeping in mind that I sometimes like to visit “out of season”, I think around 50% of the days I have spent there have been either showery or chilly. It can also be very changeable! The secret to enjoying all 4 seasons in one day is making the most of your surroundings.

On an “out and out” rainy day my suggestion would be to travel over the border to Fox Town for some indoor retail therapy. The advantage being that should it brighten up you can explore Lugano while you are there… Switzerland. My own favourite way to spend a showery day is to go to the spa at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. There you can lounge around and drink juice or tea, or some other healthy drink, admiring the lake and the mountains, while the removable glass panels protect you from the elements. The pool and spa are no more than a few steps away and the Jacuzzi will relax you so much that you won’t even notice the clouds, wind or rain. The feeling of wrapping yourself in your robe after a swim, and relaxing on a lounger with a good book and a cup of soothing tea, should not be underestimated.

Apart from a few sublime massages, my favourite experience in the  Grand Hotel Tremezzo T Spa was on a cold October evening. I swam the length of the indoor infinity pool (as seen in the photo) to the outside jacuzzi. The spa is lovely and warm so once you leave the protected spa area via the plastic “curtain” the cold air hits you. At that point you have to make sure to keep your shoulders under water. I can still remember sitting there in the Jacuzzi, warm as can be, watching my breath steaming against the cold night air. Looking up I saw a sky full of stars and was sorry to go back in again once my nose started to feel the cold. The spa is open until 8pm and I would really recommend enjoying a hour or two there after a long or tiring day out.

By the way, full use of the T Spa is available to guests of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Of course treatments, for both male and female guests, can be selected from the T Spa menu and pricelist which you can view, and even book, on their website.


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