The perfect backdrop for a photo shoot and for your holiday

What an amazingly photogenic location for a photo shoot! During a recent stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo there was a crew of fashionistas, photographers, lighting technicians, and others busy staging a fashion shoot for a Russian magazine. It was quite exciting to see, although I was very nonchalant about it – not wanting to look too interested. However, it did open my eyes to the colours and authentic details – large and small – that the location has to offer. If you are a professional photographer, why wouldn’t you go for the real thing, rather than a set in a studio somewhere? Imagine! In the salon (above) they have framed vintage Hermes scarves on the walls, brightly coloured velvet-upholstered couches and armchairs, plus antique artifacts placed strategically around the room. Wow! How could you ever create something like that in a studio?

I have since Googled for magazines featuring the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in case I have missed out on anything during my visits. Actually, it seems there are three notable experiences that have escaped me: the romantic couples spa in the Private T Suite, a tour on the restored vintage Venetian motor launch ‘Ruy’ (maybe next time I visit), and a wedding at the hotel (maybe next time?).

Take a look at the magazine links below. They may help you to plan your visit and to make the most of your holiday.

Wallpaper magazine

Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

Vacations and Travel Magazine

Director magazine

Lauren Michelle magazine




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