Come fly with me………

So you have taken a few ferry boat rides and viewed Lake Como from that vantage point. Maybe you have been relaxing, quietly enjoying café life, and heard the distant sound of a light aircraft. Straining your eyes you may have managed to locate a seaplane above you. Maybe you thought how wonderful it would be to fly level with the mountains and see the lake from above and the majestic panoramic views of this region. Well, you can!

Aero Club Como are ready to take you on a journey that you will never forget. Since 1913 Como has been home to the only seaplane school in Europe. Call and make a booking! First of all you have to find your way to Como by car, train, bus, ferry, etc. At the eastern end of the main promenade (you will see the football stadium in front of you), you will find the Aero Club Como .

The Aero Club offers tourist flights so that you can view the spectacular scenery from above. The combination of the thrill of flying and the beauty of Lake Como’s scenery is surely tempting. The possibility of landing on water practically anywhere, makes this a unique opportunity to discover beautiful, hidden corners of the lake. If you are a keen photographer, this is an opportunity not to be missed. For example, the mountains, villas and hotels look amazing from above and the colours of the lake seem to be magnified from this vantage point. For two people an hour-long trip is about Euros300. It is probably not something you will do many times in your life, so if it appeals to you… for the day and go for it!

For more information: AERO CLUB COMO, Via Masia, 44

Tel. +39 031 574495 –


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