Need to wind down? Go to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo

So you have had a stressful time at work lately and really need a holiday. You need a place that will feed all the senses so that you can go home again totally refreshed and ready for anything. Ok, so just go to Lake Como; it has everything to restore your body and soul.

My choice when I go to Lake Como is to stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for four or five days relaxing and restoring my overall wellbeing. Then I like to stay at our nearby apartment, once I have the energy to make my own coffee and pick up after myself. So for those luxurious days at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, I do very little. I go to the pool, I go to the other pool, I go to the beach, I go to the spa, I sit in the cool of the lounge, sunbathe on the terrace, hop in and out of the jacuzzi, or even go for a walk in the park. And every time I pass the foot of the grand staircase and the “sweetie table”, I help myself to a little treat. Needless to say, I have never been bored or even wondered what to do next. Bliss!


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