Lunch in Bellagio anybody?

Lunch in Bellagio sounds very tempting. So does coffee in Bellagio, or a walk around the shops or a stroll along the waters’ edge to one of the villas. Actually, even the ferry ride there is as tempting as can be. I don’t need much persuasion at all.

Imagine yourself sitting in one of the shaded cafés and restaurants under the portico, or sitting in the shade of trees along the waters’ edge, and then think about the delightful offerings on the menu. Need more persuasion? How about lunch in one of the fancy hotels or even one of the smaller boutique hotels, or an intimate restaurant in one of the alleys up the steps. On a cooler day there is even a cozy pizzeria with a wood-burning oven that is well worth climbing a few flights of steps for . The opportunities are endless……and then you can walk it off in the fresh air while you enjoy the plants and trees, the shops, and quite simply watching the people. And if you aren’t staying in Bellagio, you also have the ferry trip back to look forward to…..Enjoy!


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