Fancy a walk? With this scenery you’ll never feel tired!

Of course, it is delightful to walk around the city of Como, the towns of Menaggio, Bellagio, Varenna and so on, but for a change, and real peace and quiet you may like to venture a little further north. By driving for no more than ten minutes up the coast from Menaggio, you will find yourself in San Ciro. Two minutes more and you will be in Cremia and then Pianello del Lario. You can stop at any of these small hamlets – wherever you find parking. There is a pathway, mostly at the waters’ edge, which leads you along this glorious part of the western shoreline.

There are a number of cafes and restaurants where you can stop and enjoy some refreshments or a long lingering lunch. My personal favourite is Ristorante Laguna Beach at Pianello del Lario which serves delicious pizzas and fresh lake fish in an exquisite setting. I have also heard that Ristorante La Baia in Cremia is very good, but I haven’t tried it yet myself. Let me know what you think if you do.

In Cremia you will find a route map for all the major walking pathways in the area, showing the degree of difficulty for each of them – colour coded. However, the lakeside walk is suitable for everyone, and even a pushchair or stroller should present no problems at all. Enjoy the fresh air, the glory of the surrounding nature and the peace. A great place for a little inner reflection or meditation….or even a snooze on one of the beaches.


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