How about lunch in Bellagio? The perfect Sunday – or weekday – treat!

Taking the ferry from Menaggio and enjoying the superb lake and mountain views is enough of a treat if I am honest. However, if you have been really good, why not treat yourself to a wander around the alleyways and shops and a glorious lunch in Bellagio, the ‘Pearl of the Lake’?

There are so many things to explore. If you turn right when you leave the ferry you can enjoy a walk through the park lined with oleander trees and featuring the sculpture (see the picture on this page) ‘Amor per la Vita’ by Giovanni Mason ( Tel: +39 348 7436201) all the way to the Lido. Beyond that you will find the Villa Melzi Gardens, a stunning residence surrounded by divine gardens full of azeleas and rhododendrons.

If you walk to the left when leaving the ferry, you can explore the shops and cafes under the portico and in the small alleys which network across the hillside. Keep walking and go behind the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni and you will eventually arrive at the point of the headland. This is the ‘v’ of the upside down ‘Y’ (if you know what I mean) where the two legs of Lake Como meet. The view is spectacular!

At the “point” you will also find a lovely restaurant; Ristorante La Punta specializes in freshly caught fish and overall they have an excellent and varied menu (see their Instagram account ‘ristorantelapunta’). Perfect for a relaxed lunch – the reward you deserve!


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