October at Lake Como is a very special treat. Recently reflecting on my visit in the Summer of 2013, I remember that I was awe struck, besotted and stimulated by the place and I recall that I left wanting more. However, it was upon my return that October, was when I truly knew there was no going back. I was going to follow through with my plan to find a bolt hole at Lake Como. The colours, the fresh air, the food, the absence of crowds; it all felt like a dream. It was still warm enough to eat outside during the day and the evenings in cozy restaurants and cafes were glorious. I found the atmosphere in the cafes quite different from sitting outside. People were open to passing the time of day and seemed to have more time to chat and enjoy dinner. I just sat back and drank it all in.

During our visit in the Summer my mother and I had enjoyed being together and probably didn’t make a big effort to engage those around us. She lives in England and I live in the UAE, so we don’t see much of one another. However, on this visit I welcomed the company of others and I was not disappointed. Amazingly, when I arrived at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the doorman took a second look inside the car and asked where my mother was. I was so stunned that I called her immediately and told her. I imagine Marco meets thousands of guests each season and yet he manages to recall them upon their return. It made me feel very welcome!

Ahhhh, the memories! And now, my apartment is built, finished and furnished; I can hardly believe it! I have just returned from my first stay at Casa Laura 6 and I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It is nothing grand; it is modern, stylish, compact and rather chic, and with views to die for. I cannot explain how happy I am that I went through with this project. The builders Triaca and the Realtors/Property Managers HPS have been amazing and held my hand from start to finish. What a lucky girl I am!


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