Culture, Heritage and Style – Hold on to it with both hands

I recently blogged, “Our task now is to preserve the spectacular natural beauty, the rich culture and the proud heritage for future generations. The privilege we now enjoy is also our responsibility.” One thought lead to another, as it usually does, and my mind fastened on the stunning example of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. The hotel has been family owned and operated for over 100 years, and is now in the care of CEO, Valentina De Santis whose family has owned the establishment since the 1970’s. This authentic monument to Italian style and culture looks the same, if not even better kept, today as it does in historical photographs. However, anyone who has been a guest there can tell you that the facilities are astonishingly modern, yet blended so perfectly with the surroundings that harmony is achieved. This type of insight, sensitivity and good taste will hopefully be mirrored in other traditional establishments around the Lake, and elsewhere.

In time for the launch of the 2016 season, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo opened an extension to the T-Spa. Very discreet and luxurious, it is in the annex building – Villa Emilia, previously the Fitness Centre – at the far end of the original T-Spa, which is actually an 18th century villa in its own right. The same architect who created the original T-Spa is also responsible for the new T-Spa Suite, and it shows. Venelli Kramer is locally-based and clearly has a great love for the area, as well as an understanding of what is required to maintain the heritage and charm of the building while upgrading the facilities provided for guests.

The original T-Spa is discretely located on the level below the Lobby and Reception. It has a 15 metre infinity pool which looks out across the lake to Bellagio, and leads you to an outside jacuzzi which, by the way, is blissful when it snows. There is also a cave where you can wade through the water jets and feel all your cares and stress pummeled away by the jets of water. Beside the pool is a row of loungers where you can relax and take in the view while sipping a cup of tea. Naturally, there are also treatment rooms where they exclusively use Espa products and tastefully decorated changing facilities. As if all that wasn’t enough to make you feel pampered, a decision was made to expand the T-Spa facilities over the 2015/16 Winter period when the hotel was closed.

The new T-Spa Suite in Villa Emilia shows just how discerning Valentina De Santis and local architect Venelli Kramer are. Externally, the villa looks the same as ever, but open the door and you disappear into another world; 1,000 square metres of state-of-the-art luxury. It is set up so that couples can enjoy the spa experience together and there is a double treatment room for couples massage. The Turkish bath, or hammam, is divine and there is also a sauna, a jacuzzi, a tub and a tropical rain shower for you to enjoy. Treatments rooms are relaxing, quiet and calm, and the nail bar is worth a visit if only to see the mosaic floor – it’s fabulous!

For honeymooners or second honeymooners, check into the Suite Emilia…….very private!

All these upgrades have been tastefully designed for the comfort of guests at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the original building, discretely using existing space constructively. So, it CAN be done!

Don’t take my word for it. Check for yourself from March 10, 2017. Right now they are closed for the Winter and maybe a few more discreet upgrades.


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