Winter at the Lake – peace, quiet and beauty beyond measure

Of course most people choose to visit Lake Como in Summer. I cannot deny that July and August are spectacular, with warm, sunny weather and a wide choice of activities, restaurants and shops to keep you entertained. I think I have previously mentioned that my own personal favourite is to visit in September or October when there are fewer visitors and the pace is a little more laid back.

But Winter folks……Winter is amazing! The dramatic landscape and the constantly changing weather, the cosy restaurants and cafes, the ferry rides (inside and with the heating on); well, it really is hard to beat such an experience!

Winter visitors can drive over to Lugano to see the Christmas market or down to Como to see the illuminations – both from the end of November and throughout the month of December. A drive up to St. Moritz (98 km from Menaggio), perhaps with an overnight there, is a glorious road trip with a lovely town to explore when you arrive.

So, take a tip from me and try an “out of season” holiday. Just bring warm clothes – layers! Today the high is 13 degrees Celcius in Menaggio and the coming week is set to be between 11 and 13 degrees. Not bad at all!


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