Wander around Bellagio! Enjoy the atmosphere and the unique details

The Basilica of St. James (San Giacomo), built by 12th century artisans from Como is the focal point of the piazza behind the main shopping streets of Bellagio. The walk is easily manageable for all and can be accessed by walking along the waterfront, slightly uphill to the right, passing the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni on the left, and then turning right again. Once at the Piazza della Chiesa, sit outside the Caffe Bar Sport and enjoy watching the passers-by and listening to the sound of the bells of the parish church of St. James ringing (no wrist watch required!).

The Caffe Bar Sport is run by two older gentlemen who are happy to share their stories and experiences with guests. The shop was originally owned by their father and the gelateria has apparently been making homemade gelato since 1919. It is a true gem, and a piece of Bellagio history!

While you are enjoying your coffee, pastries or drinks, don’t forget to look up. On the hillside above you it is possible to see a view of the Rockefeller Foundation  (the cream-coloured building just below the awning).

If you are feeling more energetic, wander through the streets between the main cobbled shopping areas. These small streets, rather like wide staircases, take you up and down the hillside of Bellagio. Again, don’t forget to look up; you will be amazed at what you see. beautiful balconies, icons, ornate metal and stone work. Enjoy the complete experience – get lost in Bellagio for a day!


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