Planning 2018

Once Christmas and the New Year celebrations are behind us, it has become almost a tradition to start planning for the warmer weather; the Summer months. What will we do, where will we go? Maybe it is the best way to make it through the rest of the Winter!

I remember that when I lived in England, almost as soon as the last carol had been sung, the TV commercials started to tempt us with far away places where the sun was constantly shining, the beaches were full of tanned, glamorous people and everyone was happy and smiling. The newspapers were also full of advertisements with special offers and opportunities that no one in their right mind would want to miss. So, at least for me, it has become a bit of a tradition to start planning the year, and its longed-for activities, as soon as January begins.

For me this includes several trips to Lake Como; the place where I left my heart. Sorry San Francisco! Almost every day I gaze at Instagram pictures in wonder, taking in the dramatic colours of Winter at the Lake. How I would love to be there right now! But, let’s be realistic, we all have bills to pay. My travels will have to wait a while.

One of my priorities for this year is to finally meet a friend who I have never met. I am super-intrigued by this lady and her family, and I am in love with her dog. I “know” her from Instagram and so look forward to one day meeting her and her crew. It seems they have their second home nearby and that she works in education (same background as me). They go to many of the places that I frequent, and take similar views to the ones that I post on Instagram. The family seems to have more opportunities to travel to Lake Como than I do, probably due to the school holidays in the UK. According to Instagram, this mysterious lady was recently enjoying the Winter break up there in Lombardy and the Alps. I commented on the fact that they were snow shoeing. Now she has asked me to teach her how to cross-country ski….and I can hardly wait!  So among my plans for this year will be a concerted effort to meet my new friend, and who knows, maybe go skiing together.

Good luck with your travel plans ……and try to fit in a visit to Lake Como. I am sure you will not be disappointed…….whatever the season!


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