No, it is Not Lucozade!

Have you been to Italy and noticed that people seem to start drinking something that closely resembles Lucozade in the late afternoon? Coffee, gelato and cakes are often the indulgence in mid-afternoon. However, as the day wears on, out come these glistening glasses of bright orange liquid with their accompanying appetizers. If you are new to Italy, and perhaps especially to Lombardy, northeastern Italy, you will wonder why the energy drink is so popular. While I was growing up my Gran used to swear by Lucozade when we were feeling a little bit under the weather. Well, I can assure you that an Aperol Spritz will also do the trick!

Order an Aperol Spritz, sit back, contemplate the lake, ponder the amazing day you have had, and watch the people go by. I think you will find that it serves as a great “pick me up”. Made up of 3 parts Prosecco, 2 parts Aperol and 1 part soda water, Aperol Spritz is served over ice with a slice of orange as garnish.

This particular refreshment dates back to the 1950’s, although Aperol originated in Padua in 1919. You may also come across a similar drink called ‘Pirlo’ (like the footballer Andrea!). It is also Aperol based but sometimes Campari is used instead. Interestingly, Pirlo means fall, and the beverage originated in Brescia.

So next time you are tempted to order a glass of wine at the end of a beautiful day, be more adventurous and ask for an Aperol Spritz. Saluti!


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